How To Start A Home Based Business: 4 simple steps to consider

How to start home based business bannerHow To Start A Home Based Business: 4 simple steps to consider.

Starting a home based online business is one of the most affordable businesses you can launch. It is flexible and a great means to achieving financial freedom.  However, it can be a daunting task considering the numerous online business opportunities and offers available on the internet.  This may lead you to jumping from one program to the other and costing you money, time and effort.

If you are looking to start a home based business and achieving success, consider these four simple steps that I followed.

  1. Finding the legitimate and ethical business opportunity.

The search for legitimate and ethical online businesses is the very first hurdle to overcome. There are many business opportunities, schemes and scams out there that it may be very difficult for a beginner to differentiate. Even some experienced home based business owners still fall victim. Detailed research online and reviews on a particular program can help in getting your facts right. Follow the track record of the program you have interest in. Most of these records which are in the form profile account screenshots or videos could be found on YouTube, blogs, social media and an individual’s website as proof of progress and results.

  1. Determining if the business works and can be duplicated.

Some legitimate businesses go into administration or bankrupt due to different reasons. Probably the business model was not sustainable or simply because of inexperienced administration.  It is better to follow and study a business opportunity for some time before making any substantial payment as a member. Understand the history and nature of the business, the way it works and how successful it can be then duplicated to achieve a similar results [knowing fully well that results are not typical yet shows what is possible]. A tested and proven business system can be identified by following the documented proof of progress and results of individuals over a time.

  1. Determining if the business system would work for you.

Having found a genuine business that works and can be duplicated does not necessary mean it would work for everyone. Individual factors would come into play here. For example, one’s level of motivation, persistence, educational background, strategy, time and effort, and so on.  Do not expect much if you do not take responsibility. Make contact with an individual you have being following that uses the system and ask questions or check with your mentor if you already have one. This is a crucial stage where people get frustrated and quit because they are not getting their anticipated results.

  1. Finding the right Mentor.

It is essential to have the right mentor to guide you through the “turbulent water”. Most online marketers or home business owners have someone they follow to gain more experience, guidance and support. I am lucky to have a mentor who has been very supportive.  One should also bear in mind that an “Online Business Guru” does not necessarily mean mentor.  Finding a mentor could come at any of 3 steps above. Connect with your mentor on social media and develop a cordial relationship. Your potential mentor is usually someone you have being following or that introduced you to the business. Ask questions, make informed decisions and be responsible. Your mentor could also mentor you towards becoming a mentor to your own team.

These steps to consider are based on my experience in online money making business. I started from zero experience to having success. I hope this information is of value to you and feel free to share this on social media. Contact me for any questions or for more information if you are looking to start a home based business.

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  • Veta Gardner says:

    Please help me get started good timing is what i need and step by step help. Mrs Gardner

  • Chris Streetet says:

    Cool…I am already signed on with Power Lead Sysyem but I am finding it hard to focus on completing my training and finding the capital
    to pay for websites domains and whatever fees arise lately…I like the four corners alliance–Frank Calabro Jr sent me a video explaining that one to me today….I think I’m going to do that one…beon push seemed expensivenand confusing when I first viewed the video…mot sure how your money accrues earnings? Hopefully you are not too busy to give me some pointers or advice…
    Thanks again,
    Chris Streeter/

    • Osazuwa says:

      Hi Chris, Thanks for your comment. With Power Lead System, you can get a domain name for about $13 per year with unlimited sub domains.
      Franks C. Jr is a great mentor and his videos and tutorials are of huge value to us.
      Yes, BeonPush is slightly more expensive compare to Four Corners and just like most businesses, what you invest is proportional to your profit. Also, what is new to us may look confusing at first but over time we get to understand it more.
      I think BeonPush is quite simple and unlike Four Corner it is passive [no selling or recruiting is required to make money].
      I would email you some pointers or advice as requested.
      Hope this helps. Thanks Osazuwa.

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